Welcome to Bohemian Yarn & Imports.  We are an exclusive North American distributors and a retailer located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We are Czech Born Citizens and want to share our love for our finest European Yarns, Hand Knitted Sweaters and our exclusive Baby Prams.  We import directly from our Knitting Mill's and manufactures that we meet with several times a year. We are a authorized distributor and a dealer. We have also teamed up with Native European Importers to bring you what's been around for years and whats new in Europe. For example: 100% Goat and Camel Hair from Russia and 100% Wool
from Norway, and our exclusive 100% fine Acrylics that have the feel of silk from my country the
Czech Republic. As you view our Yarn Gallery,
you will notice that our exclusive skeins of yarn come in
many different colour pallets to choose from.
We also sell European Magazines in the following language: Czech, German, English and Russian.
Please, "Czech Us Out"
You can E-Mail us at bohemianyarn@msn.com
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